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        Familiar with the characteristics of high performance tyre machine choose tyre scraping machine
        Source: | Author:yktgqb | Published time: 2017-01-11 | 4511 Views | Share:
        The machine is used to remove the tire when used in the machine, especially for large trucks, engineering vehicles, such as the removal of tires. The automatic positioning system of the bent arm greatly shortens the working stroke and makes the structure more compact. The utility model has the advantages of time saving, labor saving, no damage to the tire bead and the rim, and the utility model is an ideal tire repair equipment.
        Tyre machine comprises a bracket, working part, hydraulic and control department, support is a square frame structure, the working part comprises a top ring, plug, hydraulic, hydraulic and control unit comprises a motor, pump, distributor, oil tank, power control switch, a top ring is fixed on one side of the bracket is fixed on the other side, the hydraulic roof support the top, hydraulic part is fixedly connected with the top head, a head and a top ring are located in the central axis of the hydraulic top collar position, the motor is fixedly installed on the bracket, the motor is connected with the pump, the pump through the pipe and the oil tank is connected with the dispenser because of the use of hydraulic power to replace the manual can greatly improve the working efficiency, the lifting device structure the machine can be suitable for different kinds of tyres, strong adaptability: This machine has the advantages of simple structure, low cost.
        Product features:
        1 this machine integrates various functions into one body, is one of the most advanced models, is the only function of the whole, the best performance of the models, the machine jaw displacement or by technology patents, patent No.: ZL200420055742.6
        2 patents: mobile claw. Can be achieved by clamping the outer clamping wheel rim 9 "-26", is currently the world's most advanced, the largest range of. The clamping rim is suitable for refitting the vehicle factory, and can also be used for lifting the tyre.
        3 with bilateral mechanical pneumatic arm, suitable for the operation of the world, easy to operate.
        4 can choose the work market speed double speed 7 rpm /min-14 rpm, improve work efficiency, especially suitable for tire factory production line matching.
        5 simple and effective explosive punching device to solve the problem of tire inflation, flexible, with the machine, can be separated, suitable for a variety of tire shop. Especially the matching use of the image store.