30 Seconds In Hell


Would you like to help produce a cutting edge independent film that takes a totally unique take on the west's most famous gunfight? 

We are welcoming a small number of Associate Producers/Investors to the 30 Seconds in Hell team. 

Minimum Investment: $500

Producers will be responsible for:

1. Providing input on the film as we work through the editing process

2. Working collectively to design a marketing campaign for the film upon release

3. Utilize your network of contacts to help lock in further distribution opportunities 

4. Attend the film's red carpet premiere (or screening in your area)

No prior production experiences necessary, but established producers are welcome to join our team. For more information about our program please email our office.

In a time locked in eternity, Destiny Saloon stands as a beacon for those seeking understanding of the Old West. Destiny and the mysterious Ghostrider are bringing back Tombstone's most notorious residents for a no holds barred experience. They're all here, Wyatt, Doc, Ike, Josephine, Virgil, Mattie and more! If you want to know what REALLY caused the Gunfight at the OK Corral, the people that lived it are here to tell you! October 26, 1881 is a date that forever changed the old west. Now, you can relive it with those that fought, and those that died. Some men fought, some men died, and some men just up and ran away. You decide if the Earps were heroes, and if the Cowboys were outlaws. History isn't always what it seems!

30 black powder rounds flying through the air in an area no bigger than your living room....all in 30 seconds....In Hell!

Filming begins March 14, 2020

Tentative Release date: October 26, 2020

Distribution: Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, Blu Ray Disc. Limited Theatrical Release.

Starring: Danny Winn, Habib Madison, Tammy Stackpoole, Braden Anderson, Emmanuel Aldrete, Scott Ables, Bill Manns, Bill Foster, Bill Crouch, Earl Watters, and introducing Nathan Leonard as Billy Claiborne.

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