Danny Winn as

Carl Farber

Quinn Lord as

Billy the Kid

Paola Andino as

Rosita Luna

Richard Riehle as

Sheriff George Peppin

Stelio Savante as 

"Big Jim" French

Simonna as

Desiree Delight

Martin Teebs leads a dull, boring life in Waldwick, NJ. His job, his wife, and his friends all stay the same....until one day when he becomes fascinated by the story of Billy the Kid. Teebs' obsession with The Kid drives him to visit Lincoln, NM where he slips back in time to meet Billy, take part in the Lincoln County War, and find out he's had a past he knows nothing about! With women pursuing him in past and present, Teebs discovers a rival that threatens to destroy Billy, The Regulators, and Teebs life in 1878 and 2020!

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