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In Their Own Words, 

Billy the Kid & The Lincoln County War

Billy the Kid is the world's most infamous outlaw, despite being killed at the young age of 21. When he was buried under the dirt of the Old Fort Sumner cemetery, he left many questions behind that linger to this day.

Now, The Kid is back to tell his side of the story, along with 16 other friends and enemies. 

Brought back from the grave to modern day for one final interview, hear from The Kid, Pat Garrett, Bob Olinger, John Tunstall, Sallie Chisum and more in this provocative look at William H. Bonney's life, and death. 

Writer/Director Michael Anthony Giudicissi brings Billy back to life for one day to get the answers you've been demanding for 140 years!

Type: Feature Film

Run time: 1 hour 43 minutes

Starring: Daniel Cruz, Kelly Kidd, Sheila Eden, Scot Scurlock, Carla Garcia

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